The following articles will help you to use AppFx.ServiceBus.


The following samples exist in the release demonstrating the use of the AppFx.ServiceBus framework:

Note: These samples havent been migrated to use the new SimpleServiceBusClient but if you read the section on developing a messaging client you will see it is easy to see how they are still valid.

Articles, Videos & Other Content

This article is one Mike wrote for the UK MSDN blog about how AppFx.ServiceBus could help you to implement a simple hybrid integration scenario.

UK Connected Systems User Group
These are the slides from when Mike talked about AppFx.ServiceBus at the UK Connected Systems User Group in 2013

Service Bus & Windows Identity Flow Whitepaper
In the below whitepaper Mike wrote about a sample where you could flow Windows identity details through an Azure Service Bus queue and then impersonate that user using kerberos Multi-hop delegation. In the AppFx.ServiceBus framework there is a set of properties on the SimpleServiceBusClient class which are intended to help you to implement this pattern should you choose to.

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