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AppFx.ServiceBus Message Specification

While it is not complex it is worth taking a second to understand how messages are formatted using the AppFx.ServiceBus framework.

Message Context Properties
The following properties are used on a service bus message.

Property Property Type Usage
ContentType Default Azure Property This is used to communicate the serialization format used to serialize the message body. It should be the value Xml or Json
Label Default Azure Property The label property is used to communicate the message type. Our messages normally derive from classes generated from xsd schema. The message type uses the BizTalk convention for message type which is <Namespace>#<RootElementName>. This is then used to workout in the server side host which message handler deals with this type of error
IsError Custom This property is used to indicate if the message contains error information. This is only really used in RPC type scenarios where the response contains an error.

All other default service bus properties are used for their normal purposes.

Message Body
The message body will contain either an XML or JSON serialized bit of data. The data can be handled by using the ContentType and Label properties above to workout what type of data is contained in the body and how to serialize it.

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