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Client Configuration

The configuration for a client needs two key sections. Firstly there is the connection strings element which is used to contain the connection strings which relate to any service bus instances you wish to send messages to.

An example is below:

<add name="ServiceBusConnection" connectionString="Endpoint=sb://;SharedSecretIssuer=;SharedSecretValue="/>

In addition there is also a custom configuration section for the AppFx.ServiceBus client. This is sort of similar to the client configuration for WCF. You will declare clients which will reference a service bus connection in the connection strings element and then specify a sendToMessagingEntity which is the queue or topic you wish to send a message to.

The serializationFormat attribute is used to indicate what type of serialization you wish to use.

The responseQueue attribute is optional and used in a two way message pattern to set the reply to address.

Below are some examples of messaging clients being configured


<!-- A standard one way send -->
<add name="Default" connectionString="ServiceBusConnection" sendToMessagingEntity="OneWaySampleQueue" serializationFormat="Json"/>

<!-- An RPC sample -->
<add name="SessionRequestResponseClient" connectionString="ServiceBusConnection" sendToMessagingEntity="rpcsamplesessionrequestqueue" responseQueue="rpcsamplesessionresponsequeue" serializationFormat="Json"/>

<!-- A scatter gather sample -->
<add name="ScatterGatherClient" connectionString="ServiceBusConnection" sendToMessagingEntity="ScatterGatherSample" responseQueue="ScatterGatherSampleResponse" serializationFormat="Json"/>


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