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AppFx.ServiceBus has a number of features to help you. These include:
  • Client Side
    • Messaging client classes to make it easier to implement common messaging patterns
    • Handles serialization of messages supporting JSON and XML
    • Support for the following message exchange patterns:
      • One way fire and forget
      • One way with call back
      • Scatter Gather messaging
      • Two way RPC messaging
      • Pub/Sub
      • Routing

(Note some of these patterns rely on the configuration of your queues and topics)
  • Server Side
    • A windows service host to listen on the Azure Service Bus
    • A message handler pattern using the Managed Extensibility Framework to make it easy to handle messages in a plug in fashion
    • Handles serialization and deserialization of messages for you supporting both JSON and XML
    • An exception handling pattern abstracting the developer from getting too involved in retry and dead lettering
    • Ability to listen to multiple messaging entities or namespaces from one host
    • Multi-threading
  • Interop
    • Ability to process messages sent by any client as long as they adhere to the message standard used for this framework
  • Developer
    • A console application version of the server side host so you can easily see it processing messages

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