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Getting up and running with the source code

The release will also contain a download of the source code. It should be quite easy to get up and running with the source code. Please take the following steps:

Getting the code
When you get the zip file download from the release containing the source code and samples you can unzip it and you will find inside the directory a folder called Trunk which contains the source code and a folder called Samples which contains the various samples.

Setting up Service Bus
In the source code directory you will find two xml files which contain the definition for queues, topics and subscriptions which have been used for the code, the diagnostics application, and the sample projects.

You will need to create yourself a namespace to host these artefacts. I would actually recommend two namespaces. I used one for the samples and one for the core code.

Using the Service Bus Explorer Tool you can import the xml files into your namespaces and it will configure all of the correct queues, topics, subscriptions and rules for you.

The xml files are called:
  • Appfx-Servicebus_Entities.xml
  • Appfx-Servicebus-Samples_Entities.xml

Updating configuration
When you open the source code or samples solutions you will need to modify the configuration files to point to your namespace and use your shared secret.

If you do a search in files for any <connectionStrings> configuration elements you will find all of them and you will see in the connection strings where you need to add your details.

Hopefully you found it quite easy to get this up and running, but if you have any problems please let us know.

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