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Introduction to AppFx.ServiceBus

AppFx.ServiceBus is a new framework we have developed based on some real world experience on projects involving Windows Azure Service Bus queues and topics. The overall aims of the project are as follows:
  • Make it simpler to implement solutions that use Windows Azure Service Bus
  • Make sure the framework is powerful enough to handle more complex scenarios such as:
  • Retries
  • Different message patterns
  • Make it easier for companies to host a component on-premise which can process messages from the service bus

In our experience we found that when working on projects we had one of 2 choices when it came to processing messages from the Windows Azure Service Bus. Firstly there was the option of using WCF but we found that while this was relatively simple to get up and running it was difficult to implement complex scenarios and have control over lower level things. In essence we felt that WCF processing from Azure Service Bus didn’t fit many of our enterprise scenarios. The second option was to write your own windows service which polled messages and then did stuff with them. The down side of this was that most of the samples on how to do this simply dealt with one type of message and this lower level plumbing code could be time consuming to build and get right.

Using AppFx.ServiceBus you can use one of the hosts provided with the framework to do the listening for you. You simply need to supply some simple configuration settings and then start the host and it will do the hard work for you.

This then leaves the developer to focus on writing message handlers which can be used to implement the custom logic for each type of message.

AppFx.ServiceBus comes with a Windows Service Host and a Console Application host. The console application is really intended to make it easier during the development stages of your project whereas the Windows Service is intended for production scenarios. You can also install multiple instances of the windows service and implement different separation scenarios which will be described through the samples which will accompany AppFx.ServiceBus.

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