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Server Configuration

The server configuration also has two key elements.

The first is the connection strings which is used to specify the service bus connections to use:

<add name="ServiceBusConnection" connectionString="Endpoint=sb://;SharedSecretIssuer=;SharedSecretValue="/>

The second area is the AppFx.ServiceBus receiver configuration. This custom configuration section allows you to specify a set of listeners which will poll a service bus queue or subscription and specify how many threads to use.

defaultMessageHandler="AppFx.ServiceBus.Receiver.MessageHandlers.UnknownMessageHandler, AppFx.ServiceBus.Receiver">


<add name="DefaultOneWayListener" connectionStringName="ServiceBusConnection" messagingEntity="OneWaySampleQueue" noThreads="3"/>

<add name="SessionBasedTwoWayListener" connectionStringName="ServiceBusConnection" messagingEntity="rpcsamplesessionrequestqueue" noThreads="2"/>


In addition to the basic configuration there are some more advanced settings which will be discussed later.

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