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Below is some feedback from people and projects who have used the AppFx.ServiceBus framework.

Colin Meade

A recent solution we put together integrated CRM Online with some on-prem systems. We used the CRM ServiceBusPlugIn to post CRM messages to a Service Bus Queue. Then AppFx hosted on-prem pulled those messages from the Queue and routed to the different endpoints.

We did run into some issues working with the CRM RemoteExecutionContext message though. The message is not a Stream and the only way to get the message body is by specifying the RemoteExecutionContext type. I made some minor adjustments to AppFx initially to hit our deadline but Mike quickly added support for CRM and other less interoperable message types in the latest version and we moved to that shortly after.  This issue also impacted Paolo Salvatori's Service Bus Explorer.

I was saying this to Mike recently. We were able to take a very rough solution that had morphed from a POC and make it production-ready overnight when we moved to AppFx. Now that myself and some of the developers are familiar with it, we can dramatically reduce our delivery timescales for similar Service Bus integrations.

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