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AppFx.ServiceBus Windows Service Host

For production scenarios the AppFx.ServiceBus framework comes with a Windows Service which can be installed to make running and managing the listening host more appropriate for production scenarios.

Multiple instances of the Windows Service can be hosted on the same machine.

To setup the host follow these steps:

1. Copy the Windows Service Host folder to an appropriate place on your on premise server and rename if required

2. Modify the AppFx.ServiceBus.Hosts.WinService.exe.config file to have the listening settings you want

3. Modify the Install.bat file to have the right settings for creating your windows service
The settings you are most likely to modify (especially if you install multiple instances are):
  • Service Name
  • Display Name
  • User
  • Password

Note while the Windows Service should be able to run as the build in accounts on your developer machine, for most enterprise customers you are likely to need to install it with a Windows Account so that it can access the internet (possibly via a proxy server)

4. Double click the Install.bat file

5. Add the dll's for any message handlers you wish to add to the directory

6. Open Services.msc from the Run command and then find and start your service

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