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Project Description
AppFx.ServiceBus is a community project to develop a framework to make it simpler for people to integrate applications with Windows Azure Service Bus.

AppFx.ServiceBus has been developed based on learnings from a number of real world service bus projects.

For more info please refer to the following sections to findout about the capabilities of AppFx.ServiceBus:


The following samples exist in the release demonstrating the use of the AppFx.ServiceBus framework:

Note: These samples havent been migrated to use the new SimpleServiceBusClient but if you read the section on developing a messaging client you will see it is easy to see how they are still valid.

Articles, Videos & Other Content

This article is one Mike wrote for the UK MSDN blog about how AppFx.ServiceBus could help you to implement a simple hybrid integration scenario.

UK Connected Systems User Group
These are the slides from when Mike talked about AppFx.ServiceBus at the UK Connected Systems User Group in 2013

Service Bus & Windows Identity Flow Whitepaper
In the below whitepaper Mike wrote about a sample where you could flow Windows identity details through an Azure Service Bus queue and then impersonate that user using kerberos Multi-hop delegation. In the AppFx.ServiceBus framework there is a set of properties on the SimpleServiceBusClient class which are intended to help you to implement this pattern should you choose to.


Some basic support for this project is also available via the Connected Systems Consulting Team help desk:

Help Desk

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